So long, farewell, and thanks for all the fish!


Everything has a beginning and an end.

This blog is no exception.

If I’m totally honest with myself, my interest in multi-day backpacking has waned somewhat over the last few years.

There are many reasons for this, but I guess the main one is that I’m pretty darn happy getting stuck into the geeky stuff that most geeks get up to.Β  This has left me with little to no time for planning and executing long trips into the great outdoors.

Speaking of geeky things, I have also decided to get back to my roots and do a spot of Astro-Imaging after a 13 year absence. To that end I have started a new blog over atΒ

In terms of hiking, I will probably continue to put in the odd walk every now and again, but these will be private affairs and will not be published.

My intent is to leave this site up as it has a lot of useful information for people wanting to get started on their path into the great outdoors.

As a hobby, it was great fun and provided many positive side effects. It had kept me fit, taught me numerous useful skills and brought out a certain self-reliance that has helped on countless occasions.

Being outdoors can also help with your quiescent level of happiness. Most of my walks end up engaging a full ear-to-ear grin. This is from an introvert that didn’t like going out! So if you need a boost, I highly recommend that you force yourself out of the door – you will not regret it!

However, by far the most useful thing I took away from this hobby is that of perspective.

We all get caught up in our careers and the other complexities of life. These can often exert pressures of many kinds – some of which aren’t very pleasant. However, when one is out and about on a solo hike, one is isolated from all this which is a great way to relax. In addition, one has to make many decisions, some of which can make the difference between being able to get back or not.

These decisions are of such a magnitude, that when one is presented with decisions or concerns in the real world, they often end up looking rather trivial by comparison. This has the net effect of rendering them into the ‘not-so-important’ category.

The result is a liberating feeling. It’s not that I don’t care about these trivialities – it’s that I now see them for what they are. This means less stress and much more happiness! πŸ˜€

Anyways that’s enough of the inane wittering.Β I’ll sign off now with some photos from my many jaunts into the wilds:

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Adios, have fun and stay safe.



About RobP

Got into backpacking in the spring of 2012. I started as a couch potato then made my way through walker, hiker and now backpacker! As you can see from below I have far too many hobbies! :)
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12 Responses to So long, farewell, and thanks for all the fish!

  1. Robin says:

    Best wishes πŸ‘

  2. treksandtors says:

    Sorry to see your interest in the multi day has sank into a dartmoor bog!! Yours is one of the blogs that I will be using to plan the first of my own 3 day hikes across dartmoor next year. Hoping to get a couple in so I’ll be looking for your camping spot ideas!! Good luck in your new venture

    • RobP says:

      Thank you treksandtors and good luck with your first walk. My first walk was in 2012 and I remember the whole thing vividly. There is something very special about the first multi-day walk that produces some great memories!

  3. Richard says:

    Thanks for sharing your blog. I have enjoyed reading it, and it has given me some inspiring ideas. Good luck and have fun.

  4. Phil Janes says:

    Best wishes Rob. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs and often looked over your routes with great interest when looking for places to go.

  5. russell thomas says:

    Have enjoyed reading your blogs on hiking , full of good practical detail that makes good sense. I still long for the moors so got a few more trips left in me yet! . Keep enjoying the the things you like πŸ™‚

    • RobP says:

      Thanks Russell. I’ll probably be making many more trips to the Moors as I feel a strange affinity with them – though alas these will be ‘privates’ trips πŸ™‚ Good luck on your future walks and have fun!

  6. Oh man, i used to really enjoy reading your trip reports! You helped me plan my own hiking adventures. Sad to hear that you no longer plan any multi day trips, but thanks for all the useful info many years ago when i was a novice.

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