Next Destination: North Wales!

Over the last week or so I have been going through many plans for many destinations.

My original intent was to explore the little visited Mid-Wales area, but the walk I wanted to do would take too much holiday time, so has been shelved until next year.

After looking around some more, I have finally decided to head to North Wales and spend more time exploring the Glyderau and the Carneddau mountain ranges.

All the kit is now ready to go, all I have to do is just hang on in there for a further week.

In the meantime I will leave you with some unpublished photos from my 2013 walk in that area:

Ffynnon Caseg!

Ffynnon Caseg!

Yr Elen!

Yr Elen!



On the Glyderau mountain range!





About RobP

Got into backpacking in the spring of 2012. I started as a couch potato then made my way through walker, hiker and now backpacker! As you can see from below I have far too many hobbies! :)
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8 Responses to Next Destination: North Wales!

  1. Jane says:

    I can’t wait to read your posts about your North Wales trip. These scenes are so majestic and beautiful, completely different to my part of the world and definitely a destination I want to visit one day!

  2. JohnBoy says:

    Were you originally planning a walk along part of Glyndŵr’s Way by any chance ? I backpacked the Dovey Valley Way a few years back and quite often have overnighters in the Berwyns. Lovely areas, very quiet.

    Try and work the Glyder Horseshoe into your trek. It’s the obvious walk to do, but if you’ve not climbed/walked it before it would be a real shame not to fit it in. Some great wild camping spots around there.

    • RobP says:

      I’m going to walk the whole of Glyder’s ridge as I missed out doing the whole thing last time. I’m also hoping to bag moel siabod! 🙂

      • JohnBoy says:

        Siabod’s a nice isolated and less frequented top, one of my favourites. My route of choice is to head up from Pont Cyfyng to the NE of Siabod, but instead of heading up the NE ridge, go around to the south via the disused quarry and past Llyn Foel and take the easy scramble along Daear Ddu. The NW ridge is more of a grassy slog and makes a better descent route.

  3. RobP says:

    I’ll be taking the same route up via the light scramble as I will be approaching from the South. Quite looking forward to that climb. Have you done Tryfan? It’s not planned for this trip, but it’s on my radar, though the thought of climbing it seems quite daunting.

    • JohnBoy says:

      I went to University in Bangor and then lived in North Wales for 16 years. Climbed Tryfan by every path, scramble and rock climb so many times over the years and in all weather’s including show gullies and and ice climbs . No need to feel daunted, bags of atmosphere (like your route up the Ben) but perfectly safe if you’re careful. My favourite way up used to be the V.Diff multi pitch climb up Grooved Arete off the Heather Terrace. The north ridge is the classic route/scramble up; the route from Bwlch Tryfan is more of a scree walk with almost no scrambling. You’ll have no problems.

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