Next Destination: Dartmoor!

Lints Tor looking rather like the Sphinx in this photo!

Lints Tor looking rather like the Sphinx in this photo!

It’s amazing how quickly some plans can change. I had originally planned to go to the Lakes to climb Mount Helvellyn and indeed all preparations have been made for this singular purpose.

However, last week I came across a 3 part blog by HillPlodder on his recent walks in and around Dartmoor. His blogs really whet my appetite to go back. In fact I was amazed at how many of his pictures were of places that I had not yet visited!

This put the Dartmoor bee firmly under my bonnet.

Initially I had thought of putting in a Moors walk in the New Year, but my will power soon collapsed, which resulted in a last minute change of destination!

So instead of the Lakes, the next walk will be right across Dartmoor from Ivybridge to Okehampton. The route has been carefully planned to try and visit a lot of new ground, but to also provide the opportunity to re-visit old friends.

I’m really excited about going back. Dartmoor is the place that I really feel at ‘home’ in. I don’t know why this is, but it’s a feeling that is solely unique to Dartmoor. I simply get a feeling of ‘rightness’ just by being there.

I’m now counting down the days! 🙂





About RobP

Got into backpacking in the spring of 2012. I started as a couch potato then made my way through walker, hiker and now backpacker! As you can see from below I have far too many hobbies! :)
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2 Responses to Next Destination: Dartmoor!

  1. hillplodder says:

    Excellent, another one ensnared in the Dartmoor trap!! Will look forward to seeing your trip report. I think Dartmoor is going to become a regular fixture for me.

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