The planned equipment list! (April-Sept 2012)


The eventual amassed kit that kept me alive for 4.5 days on Dartmoor!

This blog entry details the planned equipment list that I followed to equip myself for the Dartmoor Expedition. This list includes changes that were made as I realised I needed additional kit.

Each list item is in three parts – the item type that I needed, the actual product bought and my overall score out of 10 for that product. Some scores have a ? mark by them because that item of kit has not been used – so I can’t comment. There will be more in depth reviews later on.

Maybe this list will help other newcomers plan their initial purchase priorities! πŸ™‚

Month 1 – April
Magnetic Compass – Silva Compass Expedition 4-360 Score: 7/10
GPS – Garmin GPSMAP 62s Score: 8/10
Map – Ordinance Survey Explorer Map of the area to the West of Bristol Score: 9/10
Book – ‘Ultimate Navigation Manual’ by Lyle Brotherton Score: 10/10

Month 2 – May
Large Rucksack – Berghaus Verden 65 + 10 Rucksack Score: 8/10
Stove – Trangia 27 Non-Stick Cookset with Kettle and spirit burner Score: 10/10
Parachord – 100m Paracord Score: ?/10
Pooper Scooper – Sea to Summit Pocket Trowel: 5/10
Fuel Bottle – Trangia 0.5L Fuel Bottle with safety valve: 10/10
Gloves – Ron Hill ThermoStretch Lite Running Gloves: 5/10
Whistle – Mountain Whistle Score: ?/10
Fuel – Methylated Spirits Score: 10/10
Firesteel – Swedish Army Firesteel Score: 10/10
Water Bottle – Platypus SoftBottle 1L with screw cap Score: 9/10
Spork – ‘Light My Fire Titanium Spork’ Score: 10/10
Spork – ‘Light My Fire Plastic Spork’ Score: 4/10
Mug – Lightweight Titanium Travel Mug Score: 10/10
Survival Bag – Lightweight thermal double layer silver emergency Bivi Score: ?/10
Hydration Pack – Platypus Insulator Hydration Pack (2 Litre) Score: 8/10
Sewing kit – Generic Cheap one Score: 1/10
First Aid Kit – Lifesystems Pocket First Aid Kit Score: 10/10
Socks – Berghaus Hiking Lite Crew Sock Score: 10/10
Fleece – Berghaus Activity Fleece Jacket Score: 10/10
Book – The Backpackers Handbook 4th Edition – Chris Towsend Score: 10/10

Month 3 – June
Sleeping Bag – Rab Neutrino Endurance 400 Score: 10/10
Sleeping Mat – Thermarest Prolite Regular Score: 10/10
Water Bottle – Platypus SoftBottle 1L with screw cap Score: 9/10

Month 4 – July
Tent – Hilleberg Akto Tent + Footprint Score: 10/10
Water Bottle – Travel Tap 800ml Score: 10/10

Month 5 – August
Waterproof Jacket – RAB eVent Bergen Jacket Score: 10/10
Gloves – Berghaus WindyGripper Gloves Score: 10/10
Boot Treatment – NikWax Nubuk & Suede Spray Score: 7/10
Emergency Mirror – Lifeventure unbreakable mirror Score: 8/10
Fuel Bottle – Trangia 1L Fuel Bottle with safety valve: Score: 10/10
Knife – Gerber Survival Knife – Score: 9/10
Fire-starting – All Weather Matches – Score: ?/10
Socks – Berghaus Hiking Lite Crew Sock Score: 10/10

Additional Kit I bought after the Dartmoor Walk:
Firestarter – Primus Power Lighter III Score: 10/10
Magnetic Compass – Suunto M3G Compass Score: 10/10


The Rucksack all packed up for the 4.5 day solo walk across Dartmoor.



About RobP

Got into backpacking in the spring of 2012. I started as a couch potato then made my way through walker, hiker and now backpacker! As you can see from below I have far too many hobbies! :)
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